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If you are a Survivalist or Prepper who believes life as we have known it will likely end in our lifetime, the Jarhead Dude Survival Blog was designed for you. This blog is a collection of articles, products, and videos from the Internet that will help site visitors be better prepared if that day comes. If you find a product or online video that you think will help meet this goal, feel free to email your request to me and my staff will evaluate the merits of the information being presented.

To get started, we recommend that all site visitors read my article on entitle, Protecting Your Perimeter. At the end of that article, you will be given the opportunity to download the Jarhead Dudes PSYOP toolkit. This toolkit consist of a very simple concept, but a concept that could save your life if mobs of hungry people ever converge upon your home or bug out location. In that type of situation, you will not be able to physically win against such odds. But with this toolkit, you will have everything needed to win the battle using psychological tactics instead.

As a US Marine Corps Veteran, I also know the value of learning how to use firearms and being able to execute proven hand-to-hand combat techniques if he need arises. As you read the various articles on this blog, you will see that those disciplines are well represented. For individuals who want to become proficient in those areas, we have also included online products that teach those skills step-by-step.

For example, Krav Maga is an extremely deadly Martial Art that is used by the Israeli Army. If you find yourself and your family having to function in a World without rule of law, the deadly tactics taught in the Krav Maga program we sell are going to be invaluable. This survival blog offers hardcore training products like that one because unlike wrestlers, boxers, or even MMA cage fighters; Preppers must remain undefeated – OR DIE!

Below are a list of Survivalist terms and acronyms that are used throughout this blog. If you run across one of them and have forgotten its meaning, you can refer to this home page for a quick review.

Alpha Strategy: Storing consumable items to bargain with when the SHTF

Bug out Bag (BOB): Usually a backpack filled with whatever is need to survive for 72 hours

Bug out Location (BOL): An area you plan to escape to when SHTF

Bug out Vehicle (BOV): The vehicle you plan to use to get out of the city when SHTF

Crunch: Major Disaster

Every Day Carry (EDC): Things you carry everyday on your person or vehicle; just in case

End of the World (EOTW): Self explanatory

Golden Horde: The horde of criminals and refugees that will likely leave the cities when the SHTF

Get Out of Dodge (G.O.O.D): Getting out of the cities when the SHTF

Shit Hits the Fan (SHTF): Disastrous Situation; caused by Economic Collapse, Terrorism, etc.

The End of the World as We Know it (TEOTWAWKI): Self explanatory

When the Shit Hits the Fan (WTSHTF): Disastrous Situation; caused by Economic Collapse, Terrorism, etc.

Without Rule of Law (WROL): Complete Lawlessness throughout the land