Bug Out

Things not to do when you Bug Out

When you plan to ravel alone or “bug out” with fellow survivalists you need to follow specific rules. These aren’t some random policies because they have been thought out to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you.
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You should have all preparations done before you decide to bug out or leave. You need to practice common sense and be sure to be courteous and respectful to preppers and other survivalists around you. You want to have awareness so you can survive through any emergency. You don’t want to put others in danger so you need to be prepared and be ready for what awaits you and your fellow survivalists.

When you travel in the forest things tend to echo so you want to keep a minimal footprint with your family and friends and others with you. You need a low profile because you don’t want to draw attention to yourself which could put you in a dangerous confrontation with someone who is panicked. You need to stay safe and secure in your group.

Your bug out site will be your new home and you may have neighbors near you. Be sure not to leave stench and trash around you want to clean up after yourself and keep very tidy at your site. Clean up refuse and dispose of it as soon as possible. Be sure you have garbage bags at your site for this purpose. Try to leave no trace that you were in the area.

Keep noise and sound to a minimum as you could have company that you don’t expect. Be sure that you get plenty of sleep when you are out in the wild so you are ready for anything. Only
run your generator when it’s absolutely necessary as this creates noise which can attract others to your site. You don’t want problems at your site so keep the noise at low levels.

Be careful when you initially bug out to your spot and take care at night when moving around. Keep loaded weapons nearby because you don’t know what could happen. You make get intruders at a moment’s notice. If moving into someone’s territory to pass through let them know you are there and friendly with a hello or other greeting. Be sure to give those who may be around you their privacy.

The thing you’ll need the most is water so this has to be a top priority. You need it for drinking, washing, cleaning dishes, sanitary uses and other purposes. Water is your most valuable asset. Make sure you have a washing basin, soap, and enough water for use. Don’t plan to steal from others because that isn’t recommended and is dangerous. If possible have your bug out near fresh water.

Don’t leave food out in the wilderness. You’ll attract animals to it and especially bears who will be attracted to the smell. This is dangerous for you and your group and anyone else near your food. A group of raccoons for example can wreck your camp site and get into all your food quickly and with disastrous results. A bear can get into a car to get the food inside and crows or other birds can also be a problem for you.

Try to store your food in the safest location and not your tent if you have one. A locked truck of your vehicle is ideal for storing food. If you have children don’t let them run around the bug out site. These are strange surroundings for your children and they could get lost easily. People around you that might not be friendly can be attracted to the noise that children make and it could draw their attention.

The main thing is to keep a very low profile and keep silent as much as possible. If you can get through the beginning phases smoothly you’ll be set for a longer stay if needed.

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