Bug Out

Protecting your Perimeter when SHTF

Being able to protect the perimeter of your bug out location is something you need to seriously consider. Since it is not practical to think that you would be able to win a firefight with any individual or group of individuals who target your area for a takeover, you need a plan of action that doesn’t rely solely on firepower.

Using a well thought out Psychological Operation (PSYOP) will greatly benefit you in such an endeavor. Within 50 to 100 meters of your actual bug out location, you will want to post professional created warning signs. The signs may be written to say things like “Warning – Booby Trapped Area”, or “Warning – Biohazard”.

If you choose to use the “Booby Trapped Area” message, you could back up your signs with a few strategically placed 12-gauge perimeter alarms. If you are not familiar with these types of alarms, they are tripwire-triggered devices that are attached to shotgun blanks shells. The tripwires for these alarms would be strung between trees or bushes that are near your warning signs and location. Once the wire is tripped, a blank shotgun shell will be fired as a warning to an intruder.

Shotgun shell alarms combined with the warning signs will put the intruders in fear for their lives, and will alert you to the fact that you have a perimeter breech. Since you are able to quickly identify the direction of the breech, you may recon the sector to insure that the intruders have fled.

The Biohazard warning sign is less confrontational than the Booby Trapped warning sign. If while wearing your biohazard gear you point at one of your signs and bark “GET OUTTA HERE, NOW!”, most people will comply without a second thought and will not be too enthusiastic about returning.

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