Basic Needs

Survival Essentials Needed

You see disaster striking all around the world, but what would you do when it hits home? None of us should believe that we are free from the need to prepare for an emergency because we are all vulnerable to it. Here are five areas which you should take note of:

Food and Water
Stock up non-perishable food items that will last for at least 72 hours, and the more you can accumulate the better. Examples include canned food, cereals, dried fruits, nuts, dried legumes, and so on. Water will be more difficult to store so it is better to have an emergency water filter system and water treatment pills to produce potable water. You may also want to consider a Survival Kit


So much the better if your house was spared, but if it wasn’t then you would have to make a shelter yourself. Use any material you can find to create a temporary shelter then slowly build up a sturdier and more permanent one. Shelters should aim to protect you from the weather outdoors, the varying temperature, and be able to contain a small fire.

First Aid
Make sure you have a first aid kit in your house that can easily be found. The most important items that the kit should contain include a substance to sterilize wounds, bandages to dress wounds and a pair of scissors. You might also want to be trained in simple first aid procedures which might make a big difference in emergencies before professional help can be found.


This might be the last thing on your mind in a disaster but it is crucial. You might be stuck in one place for an extended period of time and improper sanitation might lead to diseases. Try to have a chemical toilet in your house in case proper toilets stop working. Have a bottle of bleach around to quickly sterilize any surface or object. Wet wipes are a good idea to maintain personal hygiene while minimizing water use.

Communication and Light
There is nothing scarier than to be trapped in the dark so make sure you have ample supplies of candles, torchlights, matches, lighters, maybe even a Portable Generator . Also, make sure that communication with the outside world and with each other be kept at a maximum. Have spare mobile phones, phone chargers, an emergency radio and walkie-talkies at hand.
The time and energy spent on preparing these supplies will ensure that you can deal with a disaster that might strike home. But, home is the place you can be most prepared for a disaster.

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