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Where to find Ammunition for Sale

Jarhead Dude

May 28, 2013

ammo1Over the past year and a half, the Department of Homeland Security has reportedly ordered well over one billion bullets, some reports put the number as high as 2 billion.  Although most of the ammunition DHS ordered was 5.56 and .40 caliber hollow points, this unusual purchase has put pressure on manufactures to fulfill the Government’s purchases while maintaining an adequate supply of ammo for the general public.  And let’s not forget about the 17 million new weapons that were purchased last year.  The public needs bullets to practice and train, while DHS needs billions of rounds for who knows what (I’m afraid to ask).  Bottom line, the ammunition manufacturers cannot meet the increased demand.

If you are an avid shooter or are simply interested in storing enough rounds to be prepared if SHTF, then you are very disappointed with the bare ammo shelves that have become common place in America.  I’ve heard of individuals who have purchased new AR-15s in the past year, but have not been able to shoot their new toys because ammunition is so scarce.  Don’t tell anyone that I told you this; but I think that may have been the strategy behind the billion plus rounds ordered.  Some people say the .22LR is nearly impossible to find these days, and the likely reason is because that caliber is considered the “Doomsday Round”. That’s primarily because you can carry hundreds of rounds with little effort and its blast won’t send shockwaves around the state when fired at small game.  This is very important if you wish to maintain a reasonable level of stealth in a Doomsday situation, because loud noises will be invitations to the hordes of Zombies (unprepared masses) in your immediate area.

Now for the good news:

If you know where to look, you can actually find reasonably priced ammo on a fairly regular basis. Yes, I’m talking about 5.56, .223, 9mm, .45 ACP, .40 SW, and even the highly elusive .22LR (and more).  I am in the process of writing a whitepaper that will give you step-by-step details on acquiring ammo.  If you would like to be notified when the document is published, simply subscribe to this website (upper right form) and check your email daily.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I must inform you that I will be charging a nominal fee to anyone who wants a copy of the whitepaper.  Why am I charging a small fee?  Because most people will want it for free, and therefore, will refuse to spend a couple dollars to get the information.   Those will be the individuals who have to continue dry shooting their guns, while you will have access to this valuable information and not have to compete with the penny pinchers for an ever decreasing supply of ammunition.  In other words, less for them means more for you.

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