Preparing for Survival

Let’s face it – if economic collapse or some other major mishap causes the total disintegration of society, most people are going to be totally screwed. If they have done nothing to prepare, their survival is going to depend on the benevolence of FEMA or what they can take from people who did prepare. They will constitute the majority and, since most of them will be desperate to save their families and loved ones, they will become more dangerous to “preppers” with each passing day. Unless the Government is able to force most of the population into some type of camp, and that undoubtedly will be the plan (see H.R. 645), the people who did not prepare will become every bit as dangerous as Zombies for people who stored provisions in anticipation of the day.

Some preppers will have much better chances of survival than others. Veteran preppers will have better chances than the ones newer to the survival concept. Wealthy preppers will have better chances than poorer ones, and preppers who come together and function like a small militia will have the best chances of surviving than any of the others – at least in the short run and while in the city. Although a group of well-armed and trained survivalists will offer more protection, leadership and order, there are major disadvantages to banding with a group in this type of situation.

The most obvious disadvantage is the large amount of food, water, and other resources the group will need. But more importantly, a larger and better-equipped Army (legitimate or otherwise) will have little problem monitoring and nullifying the smaller group, gang, or band of militiamen.

Meanwhile, a few guys with good survival and evasion skills can maintain a lower profile because they produce a much smaller “footprint.” They will need to get out of the city as quickly as possible, because every person they encounter must necessarily be perceived as a potential enemy, desperado, or volatile nutcase.

Once they are in the wilderness, however, the advantage swings quickly into their favor – as long as none of them becomes seriously injured or ill. Even if their existence is known, the larger groups will not feel threatened by them and therefore will not initially put significant effort into finding and eliminating them. Either way, the best time to organize with like-minded survivalists is before a major crisis occurs. You can find like-minded people by visiting meetup.com and writing the word “prepper” in the search box. In addition, you will need to develop the proper mindset to have any chance of surviving in a disastrous situation.

To help you get the proper tools, training, and mindset to be prepared for when SHTF, I have created a preparedness guide. It teaches readers how to prepare for everything from earthquakes to economic collapse, and most of all, it costs nothing. Download your copy of the Jarhead Dude Preparedness Guide.

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