Jerry Miculek Practical Shooting DVD Review

The AR-15 is probably the best Rifle you can have for Urban Combat Situations. The main reasons is the availability of replacement parts and ammunition.

When I was serving in the Marine Corps, I taught hundreds of young troops how to get the most from their M4 and M16 Rifles. With all the experience I have with this weapon platform, I still have not developed the skills equal to those of Shooting Champion, Jerry Miculek.

After purchasing his Practical Rifle DVD, I learned tips and have taken my shooting skills up to a whole new level. The fact that an old Grunt like me could learn a few things from Jerry means he has perfected his craft.

Below I have posted a Trailer from his Practical Shooting DVD. If this seems like some you would like to learn more about, he has a page on the Brownell’s website that will go into further details.

Checkout the Trailer: